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Gilda's Club Southeastern Ontario
My dream has always been to leave my own legacy with my goal to leave half a million dollars to charities, when I die. You see, at this point in my life, the only way I could possibly do that is by using life insurance as a tool. Given I am a Financial Planner & I love helping people understand how insurance works, it was, as they say, a “no brainer” to purchase my own life insurance policy, making the Gilda’s Club the owner of the policy, the premiums I pay of approximately $80/m are treated as a charitable donation & I get to leave $50,000 as part of my Leave a Legacy Goal. If I had started this process earlier, when I was younger, what I pay monthly would certainly be less. I structured the life insurance policy so I would have it all paid for, in a few years.

Finding that balance between living for today & planning for the future is a basic tenant in Financial Planning. When it comes to charitable giving I try to do that as well, help charitable organizations now by making cash donations while trying to make a bigger impact for the future by leaving much larger sums of money through life insurance. Making my dreams a reality & that of the charitable organization. Therein lies my passion.

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