For Everything there is a Season: 10 topics to make the New Year Great.

22 January, 2014

For Everything there is a Season: 10 topics to make the New Year Great.

I had the best of intentions to start blogging right out of the gate, but the weather turned weird—going from ice and freezing cold to spring-like conditions—and threw me for a loop.

My goal was to WOW you with a breathtakingly amazing schedule of blog topics that would cleverly link to astrological signs as well as a dazzling calendar of events tying it all together. It would have been fantastic!

But, instead, you’re getting this. Sometimes in life—including life/financial planning—you just have to get the proverbial ball rolling. So roll I will—here are the topics I’m thinking about covering over the next year.

  1. January is intention season. Topics will include how to create a compelling vision for your future that will move you forward towards your goals, and how to take an appreciative inquiry approach to your planning instead of a beating-yourself-up-with-a-stick approach.
  2. February is called RRSP Season. I kid you not! Although it’s more like strawberry season than deer hunting season because you get to have a luscious experience with something that is juicy and red. The juicy things are Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs)—and yes I wish we could come up with a better name for them—because they can take us to that blissful place called retirement. And no discussion about RRSP’s would be complete without a look at Spousal RRSP’s, one of the most misunderstood concepts around.
  3. March and April are Tax Season. This is when we’ll get to know Mr. Tax Man much better. We’ll undress him and make him human—no wonder it’s going to take us two months!
  4. May is Spring! And in Spring the gardener’s carefully planted seeds start to sprout. So in May we’ll look at how our financial seeds are growing.
  5. June is when your kids are driving you crazy and if you don’t have kids then I’m not sure what is driving you crazy but given it is the mid-way point in the year I’m sure something is. This month we’ll either share things that drive you around the bend or we’ll find ways to bring more Ease into your life—you get to choose!
  6. July and August is Summer! Time to relax, rejuvenate and enjoy life, and our topics will be similarly themed.
  7. September is back to school. Time to learn some serious stuff but with a little fun added so you can enjoy yourself.
  8. October is Fall and it’s also my parents wedding anniversary. This will be the time for personal stories; little anecdotes that will charm you.
  9. November is Financial Literacy Month and somewhere in there as well is Financial Planning Week. Need I say more?
  10. December is, well, December, a time to think about how the heck we are going to make it through another Canadian winter. And for those who give up easily, one topic we’ll cover is how to save for your vacation.

All in all, a fun-filled, informative year, that will give you the tools you need.